Top quality - competitive pricing

Our project model is based on developing IT solutions by using highly skilled teams at a price level that is competitive in the international market. We develop, manage and host web applications and integration solutions based on standard web technology, open source and micro services.

UX, DevOps and agile development

Our teams cover all the competency areas that modern development projects require to succeed:

  • Concept development, UX design, graphical design
  • Prototyping, user testing
  • DevOps, continuous delivery and automated cloud services
  • Developers with expert level web tech competency
  • Accessability and web standards
  • Agile and lean methodology for software and product development

Micro services and modern web technology

We have developed concepts that enable tailor made solutions to compete with 'off the shelf' solutions in terms of cost efficiency, security and flexibility. We apply these concepts to publishing/CMS solutions, self service applications and web applications with many integrations.

  • Micro service architecture
  • Open Source modules for CMS (NoCMS)
  • Standard technology such as React, Node, Docker, HTML, CSS
  • Auth0, OAuth, BankID, Altinn, OpenAM

Meeting people

We offer various delivery models, which can also include other partners. The projects may include Norwegian, Indian or a combination of Norwegian and Indian consultants. Being present at our clients’ premises in one way or another has proven to be a key success factor in most of our projects.

Contact sales for a presentation of what we can do for you.