As a Miles consultant you get to

  • develop as professional through assignments
  • decide which conferences you want to attend
  • buy the books you need
  • take part in our active professional environment
  • We have dedicated professional advisers who help you choose your career path. For us, professional development is an investment, not a cost.


We have a range of internal company activities:

  • Miles Camp is our internal conference that we organise twice a year, featuring external and internal speakers.
  • Miles Session is a monthly forum where we meet to discuss current themes.
  • Subject group meetings are where we meet for in-depth discussions of our subject areas. There are separate groups for IT architecture, project management, .NET, mechatronics, test management, Java and user experience.
  • Miles Forge is our innovation forum. Here employees can explore freely outside assignments and pursue new ideas. The company Ardoq was founded based on this type of idea generation.
  • Client workshops are workshops where both the clients and consultant take part, together with internal or external lecturers.
  • In-house days. Sometimes we work at our offices rather than at our clients’. Here we share experiences across different clients and projects.


It is easy to share expertise at Miles. We use Socialcast as an internal tool to share knowledge and discuss professional challenges, and share our knowledge externally on our blog.

Want to know more about what it is like to work with us?