Tom Georg has worked in the IT-industry since 1987. He has previously held management positions in Telenor, Avenir and Ementor among others. He was one of the founders of Miles back in 2005. Tom Georg is CEO/Enterprise Servant (title inspired by Robert Greenleaf and his Servant Leadership philosophy) in Miles AS in Bergen and Chairman of the different Miles companies in Norway. His interest in leadership is above average and he is a frequent speaker of topics like building company culture, corporate DNA and personal management (HR), all with practical examples from his work in Miles.

Tom Georg is a true football enthusiast and has had various management appointments at different levels. He closely follows the clubs that his grown-up twin sons are playing for. Tom Georg also has a strong interest in correct spelling, though he sometimes struggle to meet his own expectations. He loves buns and must therefore work out regularly to stay healthy and in good shape.