Tom Georg is Chairman of the Board and group servant in Miles. He has worked in the IT industry since 1987. He has held management positions in amongst other companies Telenor, Avenir and Ementor, and he is one of the founders og Miles. Tom Georg holds a civil engineering degree in addition to degrees in engineering and nursing. He has also taken board management classes at INSEAD and other institutions. Tom Georg has been nominated to the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and his work title “group servant” has been appointet “Norway’s best company title”. He performs lectures at several universities, and holds keynotes at conferences and to management groups on trust based management, culture development, values and HR. Furthermore, he holds a series of board positions both in Miles and in other companies.

Tom Georg is a true football enthusiast and has had various management positions in both the top soccer leagues and in lower levels. Tom Georg also has a strong, or even obcessive, interest in spelling and grammar, though he sometimes struggle to meet his own, expectations. He loves buns and must therefore work out regularly to stay healthy and fit.