We are an IT firm with over 160 skilled and passionate employees that offer:

We are based in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger and Mumbai (India).

The people who work for us are among the best in their field. They are passionate about their profession and together we have created a professional environment we are proud of.

In our company, the social aspects are just as important as the professional. Many of our consultants work at various clients’ offices, so we get together at least once every month to do something fun. More than half of our social events include spouses, partners or family. Working at Miles should benefit the whole family.

Our values and our vision are part of our DNA.


We have no budgets or predetermined goals for company growth. We are always looking for the right people, but have no plans for how many people we should hire in a year. We focus on workplace contentment and quality. This is how we have created a unique corporate culture with strong growth and rock solid results since we first started in 2005.

Miles has no general manager, but a servant-leader. We practice servant leadership and organise our business so that everyone exercises leadership, regardless of his or her role in the company. At Miles the individual makes most of the decisions. You decide which conferences you want to attend, what kind of IT equipment you need and the best way for you to develop within your field.